TV Club: Star Wars Rebels: Idiot’s Array

Billy Dee Williams returns to the Star Wars Universe in Rebel’s most fun and most delightful episode yet. When it comes to how I review shows, I give “equal” weight to episodes that are both dramatically significant and wildly enjoyable; while “Idiot’s Array” does very little to move the show or the characters forward, it has fun with its story, which is something more critics should appreciate. It’s easy to forget that before the ultra-consuming entity of the Star Wars franchise, A New Hope was a just a straight-forward, high-falutin’ space adventure. When Star Wars remembers this, we can at least be treated to a fun time.

Ever since Lando Calrissian’s charms (and betrayal, and eventual redemption) graced the screens, Williams has returned to the character time and time again in the MANY incarnations of the characters, mostly in the various parodies out there on TV …

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