TV Club: Star Wars Rebels fails in meaningful dialogue, makes up for it with awesome jet pack fight

One of my favorite “side” elements of the Star Wars universe has always been the Mandalorians. A once proud, powerful warrior culture that has been pushed to the wayside during this whole wars of stars, Mandalorians fascinate me because they represent this scattered society trying to find relevance again. There are various sects of extremists, loyalists, pacifists, neutrals, and mercenaries, all desperately trying to cling to or grab onto power by any means necessary. They add a rich and unique outside perspective to the conflict between the Empire and the rebels (or the Republic and Separatists, depending on how long you wish to stretch the timeline). So going back to them for “Imperial Super Commandos” potentially hits all my favorite geek spots, especially against the backdrop of everything that’s been developed so far this season. Unfortunately, Christopher Yost’s script grows cold feet. He’s not interested in getting …

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