TV Club: Star Wars Rebels’ “epic showdown” is really a quiet, if narrow, character study

There is something hilarious, bold, and humbly ironic in taking what should have been an epic battle and delivering a three-second death scene instead. All the hemming and hawing over Maul’s power and influence, through The Phantom Menace, a large number of The Clone Wars episodes, and a good chunk of this season, is literally cut down in mere moments. It’s a literal and figurative cosmic joke. Maul was a nobody, pursuing nothing, and had no chance at victory, both because Kenobi was a wiser, better fighter, but also because we all know Maul had no real impact on the Star Wars Story(tm). In the end, what was really the point of Maul? There’s an intergalactic rebellion going on, and we’re spending all this time on this one dude’s petty revenge-fest? The cold opening of “Twin Suns” was really the key. Maul’s faux-Shakespearean …

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