TV Club: Star gets exploitative with its politics

In previous reviews of Star, I’ve praised it for talking about issues that are rarely brought up in primetime: race, class, sexuality. At least they’re talking about these things, right? Especially when the majority of network television is white and comfortably middle class. But this is the episode where I can’t even give the show credit for using its platform to talk about difficult things. Political issues, since the beginning of the series, have been used for shock value as much as talking points; there was a rape scene in the first 15 minutes of the pilot episode after all. It’s fine, al ot of shows do this. But few times have they been handled as inelegantly as they were in “Infamous.” I yearned for Scandal‘s prime years or even a solid episode of Grey’s Anatomy. ”Infamous” was a clearly a set-up for next …

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