TV Club: Stan Against Evil whiffs on the pig-demon but scores with Bobby Orr

“Let Your Love Groan”

Wherein the battle against evil pauses for some speed dating.

A modestly budgeted—or just modest—genre show like Stan Against Evil has to convince viewers of its mission. With only eight half-hour episodes to do so (and with those episodes whizzing past at a two-a-Wednesday clip), there’s precious little time to waste. And “Let Your Love Groan” feels like, if not a waste, then a filler episode in a season without room for one.

This episode, where Evie drags Stan and Denise along to a speed-dating event only to hook up with a charming guy who turns out to be a shape-shifting, soul-sucking succubus, is like a season one Buffy episode (complete with endearingly rubbery pig-monster). Except that even Buffy had 12 episodes to get a few monster-of-the-week episodes out of the way while it discovered itself.

John C. McGinley (Photo: Kim Simms/IFC …

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