TV Club: “Sponsored Content” works as both ruthless satire and riveting sci-fi

In recent years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have shown an increasing interest in their long game, developing stronger continuity between South Park‘s storylines and wrapping everything up with multipart finales. But there’s never been anything quite like season 19. Over the past seven episodes, the show’s creators have juggled multiple narratives all under the singular umbrella of PC culture, or outrage culture or trendy progressivism, or whatever you want to call it. For once, all the satire can be traced back to that one central idea, even though the targets have ranged from self-proclaimed social warriors to Donald Trump to Yelp! to body-shamed celebrities. I’m tempted to say that this thematic unity makes South Park the Comedy Central equivalent to The Wire, although maybe that’s stretching it. Then again, maybe not.

Considering all the disparate threads that need to come together for this year …

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