TV Club: Speechless returns with its finest episode to date

Hey Speechless fans, thanks for joining the A.V. Club’s reviews of this delightful family sitcom. For the first foray out of the gate, I hope you don’t think I just give out A grades like candy, but this was truly one of Speechless’ finest episodes—and that is saying something.

This show is at its best when it leans into the family dynamic, the issues raising a special needs child, and the socio-economic struggle, and veers away from the absurdism. Those are all things “C-H– CHEATER!” did in spades, managing to touch on so many real, grounded issues that culminated in two scenes that actually got the waterworks going at my house.

The main storyline this week is about JJ kind of cheating at school. It’s not overt cheating, like if he had rigged it up to receive answers over his head set or something, but …

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