TV Club: South Park mixes today’s Trump with an outdated conspiracy theory

Ever since South Park found a suitable Donald Trump surrogate in Mr. Garrison, the show has managed to get a lot of things right about his presidential campaign. First came the vicious rhetoric towards immigrants, then eventually the artificially tanned face. And because they started lampooning his bid for the oval office early on, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were able to make some colorful exaggerations that felt weirdly prophetic. Did they (or anyone) think that Trump would pick Caitlyn Jenner as his running mate? Hell no. But the ludicrous team-up did serve as an omen of how truly insane the election cycle would soon become.

At a certain point though, the election became so highly scrutinized that, if the show was going to continue to successfully skewer it, Parker and Stone had to start getting more specific. The trajectory of their Trump surrogate had to more closely match that …

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