TV Club: South Park builds on last week’s joke to make everyone look like fools

Looks like South Park‘s perfecting its long game. This shouldn’t be a surprise, really. Recent seasons (especially last year) have leaned increasingly on drawn-out stories that get more complex in their humor and commentary as time goes on. Seeing Randy Marsh done a hideous wig and repeat “I am Lorde, ya ya ya” was funny enough, but who would have thought his seemingly silly arc would become a powerful statement on dreams and identity?

And yet, I still got duped by last week’s episode, which I criticized for being a little too blunt, a little too one-sided. But after watching “Where My Country Gone?”, it’s clear that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have instated the PC Principal as head of South Park Elementary for a reason: his presence makes the academic hotbed—already a microcosm for so many sticky political and moral issues of the world …

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