TV Club: Son Of Zorn takes the typical Thanksgiving episode to hilarious, dark places

“The Battle Of Thanksgiving” arrives at an extremely difficult time in the United States right now. I don’t want to get into a whole thing comparing Son Of Zorn to the recent presidential election (that would be just asinine), but in a few weeks, millions of people will be visiting families for Thanksgiving, and there’s no doubt that many of those dinners will be deeply uncomfortable. This is an episode that, in its own warped, ridiculous way, taps into that kind of awkwardness that feels both familiar (to a portion of the population) and specific (to the situation here). I would never say that Son Of Zorn has become some sort of barometer of cultural insight. But I will say that the show has begun a very welcome shift towards something more… worthwhile of commentary, particularly how it now seems to be attempting to explore how a specific …

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