TV Club: Son Of Zorn has its oddest episode yet, and that doesn’t include Zorn’s robot clone

“A Tale Of Two Zorns” is the strangest episode of Son Of Zorn so far. It’s not strange in the good way, either, where the show would utilize its warrior hero to open up and mess around with character dynamics, Zephyrian history, and various relationships. It’s strange in a very hollow, very carefree, very incomplete kind of way. I know how this will sound, but Greg Gallant’s script feels like it’s incomplete–we never actually get any conclusion to the “waiting in line” portion of the episode for example–but it kind of feels like it’s incomplete on purpose. There’s a broad premise: Zorn has a robot body double he uses to fool enemies and his co-workers. There’s a broad theme: Zorn is upset that Alan is spending more time with Greg than himself. These two points never connect in any way, nor …

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