TV Club: Son of Zorn becomes the show it has always meant to be as it battles its way to hilarity

I mentioned in my last review that Son of Zorn’s toughest aspect seems to be its direction. Making the animated warrior “fit” into the live-action world is proving to be extremely tricky. The shot/reverse-shots feel off because the live actors aren’t quite connecting with Zorn’s eyeline. Cheryl Hines still doesn’t seem comfortable in her role as estranged ex-wife (part of that has to do with the writing of her character). Pemberton has gotten slightly better at the estranged son role, but he feels a bit undercooked as a character, mostly being passive and reactive–the only thing interesting about him are his animated legs. Only the workplace scenes feel truly unique, primarily due to Pebdani’s game performance. So “War of the Workplace” has the potential to showcase its strongest and most intriguing aspects.

And holy moly, did it ever.

There’s been a lot …

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