TV Club: Someone’s on the way to Twin Peaks, but there’s no road to the past

Looking at a digital map he’s compared to Maj. Briggs’ sketched-out directions, Sheriff Frank Truman tells Hawk, “By my reckoning, this is where we’re going. But there’s no road. The road’s gone.”

Dale Cooper, walking numbly through Dougie Jones’ life, might feel the same. He has a sense of something he’s stumbling toward, and that sense intensifies in the face of certain objects, ideas, and phrases. He fumbles to touch every badge he sees, he feels recognition stir when he sees a fringed American flag in a government office building, he savors the flavor of coffee but also glances around as if it’s sparking some deeper meaning in his hollowed-out mind. And he loves cherry pie.

(Kyle MacLachlan) (Screenshot: Twin Peaks)

These associations and intimations of the man he once was are more like Maj. Briggs’ coded message and line drawing than they are …

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