TV Club: Some Big Bang finds its way into the jar of Bang! Bang!

Back in August, news broke that this current season of Comedy Bang! Bang! would be the series’ last. The news came just two months after regular TV Club coverage for the series ended. That’s not to say there’s any causation or even correlation between the two events though. Because while regular coverage is in fact back for this second half of Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s fifth and final season, as far as anyone knows, that doesn’t mean IFC will decide to give the show new life.

But at least now we can all take this road that “look[s] like a white light” together.

Scott: “I haven’t done any research on this topic, but I believe she only appears on television shows with the word ‘bang’ in the title. Please welcome Kaley Cuoco.”

One of the things that makes Comedy Bang! Bang! so unique is how …

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