TV Club: Solving the island mystery just dredges up more secrets on Wrecked

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you—”Always Meant To See That” is the third episode of the first season of Wrecked, but this is only the second review I’ve posted for the show. I watched a pre-air screener, and I didn’t know there was a two-episode premiere last week. Sorry! So I’m going to touch on the second episode, “Rest In Peace, Callaway Hinkle,” before jumping into this week’s goings-on.

There were more laughs to be had in “Rest In Peace,” which is a good sign for a comedy, starting with Pack, Owen, Florence, and Emma realizing they have almost no phone numbers memorized. The numbers they could recall led to some organic reveals about the characters’ backgrounds. Emma and Florence’s hospital suggestion was great, though the hospital’s location led to a falling out between the two. Pack, the sports agent, dialed his …

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