TV Club: Snowfall gets much darker as Franklin wades deeper into the game

At the end of last week’s episode if Snowfall, Frankling got a rude welcome into the business of dealing coke. No longer slinging weed within his own neighborhood, Franklin was taking his first steps into a bigger, badder world. His big mistake was thinking that he could just waltz into the market and avoid any sort of competition. Of course, that attitude and ignorance got him a beatdown at the hands of a couple others looking to sell to Claudia. That very physical welcome to this particular drug game turns out to be just the beginning though, as “Slow Hand” introduces Franklin to a whole new level of horror.

The episode picks up in the immediate aftermath of the beatdown outside Claudia’s place. Franklin somehow manages to pick himself up and stumble back into the club; he wants to know who those guys were and where he can …

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