TV Club: SNL does what it can as Chris Hemsworth lurches back to 8H

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie] star!”

As in his first hosting stint, Chris Hemsworth isn’t unfunny in any objectionable way. It’s more that he just doesn’t speak comedy, and so whatever laughs he gets on SNL are a result of careful and assiduous laughs built around him. He’s a game lunk, grinning and blundering through his sketches tonight—I counted two flubbed lined, one dropped prop, some klutzy fake piano playing, and, weirdly, two times when he flat-out ran into doors. (One might have been a bit, but not both.) And the fact the the timing of the episode was off (necessitating a hurried repeat of the “Aron’s List” low-level sex offender ad parody from earlier in the season) throws further suspicion on the host’s abilities to thrive on live TV.

Choosing a host in the early days of SNL …

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