TV Club: SmackDown is officially The James Ellsworth Show, and that’s awesome

Let’s take a moment and appreciate the brilliance of James Ellsworth. And I don’t mean that in terms of Ellsworth the meme or Ellsworth the running gag. No, let’s consider precisely what it is that WWE has in Ellsworth, because for all his limitations, he can do a few things that are legitimately WWE caliber. He’s a great and surprisingly natural underdog promo—much as I love those guys, just look at how most of Raw‘s cruiserweights are handling their backstage segments to see how hard it can be for wrestlers to act convincingly on live national television, and then look at how much better Ellsworth is. The guy will sell any move like it just killed him, because, well, it looks like any move should kill him. (And that goes quadruple for that hellacious Styles Clash from a couple weeks ago.) And, more than …

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