TV Club: Sleepy Hollow: “Pittura Infamante”

Roughly two-thirds of “Pittura Infamante” is a very good episode of Sleepy Hollow. I hesitate to say great because this show has made me skittish, but very good? Sure. On their date night, Ichabod and Katrina have to team up to solve a hideous murder by a devil-worshipping painter who hides inside his own art. That is an excellent premise, and by and large, the episode makes the most of it; there were at least two moments that made me gasp out loud, and the general sense of creepiness whenever the Cranes started looking at the Painting Of Secret Doom was gratifyingly effective. I’ll admit to being a soft touch at this sort of premise, but there’s something about a supposedly static image that moves when you aren’t looking at it that’s inherently terrifying. Plenty of horror stories have exploited this, but the idea still hasn …

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