TV Club: Sleepy Hollow: “Kali Yuga”

Sleepy Hollow is flailing. After a frustrating, and low-rated, first half of the second season, the writers have taken steps to re-invent the series as much as they can without literally re-inventing it. The characters remain pretty much the same, which is a blessing when it comes to the leads; Ichabod and Abbie are by the show’s strongest element, and, in episodes like this one, their chemistry is quite literally the only reason worth watching. (Although the writers, god bless ‘em, nearly managed to mess that up as well.) But instead of the attempted epic struggle against evil, our heroes are engaged in a more limited, week-to-week fight, something that should be familiar to fans of Supernatural or Buffy or The X-Files. There are still occasional references to a greater fight, but the main focus of this attempt to right the ship seems to be a renewed interest in …

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