TV Club: Six Feet Under: “Untitled”

“Hello? Hello?” It’s no use—the elevator’s emergency phone doesn’t work, and there’s no cellular reception, either. They’re just four people stuck in a box. After they pry the doors open, one guy manages to hoist himself out. He gallantly turns around to help the others who remain trapped, but at that moment, the box turns back into an elevator, closing its doors and gliding upward. Only half of our hero goes along for the ride. Kenneth Macdonald Henderson, 1954-2004.

In “Bomb Shelter,” many of the characters hunkered down in defensive positions, bracing themselves against the terrible futures they saw for themselves. The opening death of “Untitled” is a gory metaphor for the dread that occupies the minds of George, Nate, and David, among others. Kenneth Henderson exits his literal box, and he’s destroyed. Likewise, the men of the Fisher/Sibley family believe that …

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