TV Club: Six Feet Under: “Bomb Shelter”

A nuclear family rides to a party in a minivan, and while they’re physically together, their minds are somewhere else. Mother, father, son, and daughter are each retreating to a different realm. Dad’s in technology land, eager to use his GPS rather than listening to his wife’s directions. And you can’t entirely blame him, because Mom’s not the most attentive navigator: She splits her time between talking on the phone and asking her son in the backseat if his video game is violent. He mutters that it’s not, even though it is, because he doesn’t want to be pulled out of his bubble. And the daughter is focused on the closing shots of a Powerpuff Girls DVD. “THE END,” it says. As the minivan makes a left turn, a truck comes speeding in from the opposite lane. The end, it says. Edward Gordon …

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