TV Club: Silicon Valley’s finale gets the team back to where they once belonged

In the final moments of “The Uptick,” a sense of peace settles over the founders of Pied Piper. Everyone is gathered around their workspace in Erlich’s house, playing with a Hoberman Switch Pitch and confident in the next step for their fledgling company. And if that feels familiar to regular viewers, it’s because it is. Not only is this exactly where they were at the end “Two Days Of The Condor” before Richard was fired, it’s also where they were at the end of the pilot “Minimum Viable Product.” Once again, our team has gone through their industry’s bizarre obstacle course and wound up right back where they started, drinking beers and looking at a supposedly rosy future.

Given the multiple times that I’ve chided Silicon Valley this season for its seeming reluctance to move forward, this final confluence of events should lead me to …

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