TV Club: Silicon Valley: “The Lady”

The creative team of Silicon Valley take great pains to make sure that everything they do is accurate to the culture they’re portraying, which means it doesn’t come as a surprise that the show shares one of the industry’s major problems: a lack of female representation. In the first season, Amanda Crew’s Monica was the only female character with anything approximating a narrative—and a weak approximation at that—serving chiefly as Peter Gregory’s mouthpiece and a halfhearted attempt at romantic tension with Richard. And minor roles, like Gilfoyle’s girlfriend and the cupcake app designer, were less actual characters than they were narrative devices, there to facilitate another way for Dinesh and Gilfoyle to push each other’s buttons.

I’m not saying that Silicon Valley needs to turn into a forum where the issues of gender disparity are debated on a weekly basis …

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