TV Club: Silicon Valley: “Server Space”

After two excellent episodes balanced with two average episodes, Silicon Valley swings its momentum back upward with “Server Space.” It finds some unexplored territory to cover in the question of what Pied Piper’s success means to Erlich’s incubator, as well as the tricky home-to-office ratio they have to balance as the business grows. It creates an excuse to put Richard and Jared together in a more domestic setting, giving the former a new source of stress and peeling back ever more disturbing details about the latter. And it hands the team a much-needed win in the midst of their recent setbacks, while at the same time showing the first cracks in the evil empire opposing them.

All of that is irrelevant, however, in the face of the fact that this is an episode of television that features robot arms which a monkey uses for masturbation. We all know …

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