TV Club: Silicon Valley: “Sand Hill Shuffle”

It’s interesting to look at season one of Silicon Valley and see how the show’s central characters and the show as a whole have paralleled each other in their ascent. Mike Judge and Alec Berg’s story of misfit company Pied Piper navigating the maladjusted sea of the modern tech industry was one of 2014’s most interesting and hilarious comedies, finding the rhythms of its ridiculously talented ensemble at the same time Pied Piper’s employees learned how to deal with outside influences and each other. And much as twitchy Richard Hendrix, bombastic Erlich Bachman, and the other Pied Piper employees found themselves basking in attention and accolades by the end, so did Silicon Valley. The first season was a hit for HBO, garnering solid ratings and best comedy nominations at the Emmys and Golden Globes (and more importantly, an honorable mention in The A.V. Club …

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