TV Club: Silicon Valley: “Runaway Devaluation”

Normally in an episode of Silicon Valley, I expect the funniest moment to be a legendarily obscene T.J. Miller rant or a joke that blends profanity with business jargon so seamlessly it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. “Runaway Devaluation,” however, breaks that mold with a closing last moment that becomes one of the show’s best gags. Faced with the potential collapse of his company, Richard responds to a phone call from none other than Gavin Belson, who invites him to a Mexican restaurant and points out he could make all of this go away with a lucrative Hooli buyout. Richard opens his mouth to respond, but before the decision comes out, a mariachi band comes over to serenade them—a performance that runs over the entire end credits as the two CEOs sit in uncomfortable silence.

It’s the most awkward scene …

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