TV Club: Silicon Valley: “Homicide”

“Homicide” is the first episode of Silicon Valley to feel conspicuously like an episode of a sitcom rather than a cable comedy. Possibly due to its position as a middle episode of a show with an longer order than the previous year, possibly because it’s credited to The Office veteran Carrie Kemper, but there’s a definite sense of this being the sort of self-contained installment that a broadcast network sitcom would produce as filler about halfway through the season. I don’t mean that as an indictment of the episode, as the performances are still top-notch and it contains several glorious cringe comedy payoffs toward the end, but with one exception—which we’ll get to at the end—there’s a definite feeling that some of the major arcs are put on hold for the week.

The episode’s connection to the larger Silicon Valley story comes …

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