TV Club: Silicon Valley: “Adult Content”

Richard Hendrix spends a lot of time in “Adult Content” being told he’s not a certain kind of person. Russ Hanneman tells him that he’s not paid to know things, he’s paid to produce content and do Russ’s bidding. Ron LaFlamme tells him that he’s not a guy who should be worried about suing people, he should be worried about paying his lawyers for the privilege of paying them more to fight off Gavin Belson’s attorneys. And most humiliatingly, he’s indirectly told that he doesn’t look like a CEO, first when the EndFrame receptionist assumes that Erlich is in charge and then later when she only partially corrects her assumption as he storms in: “Mr. Bachman is heading to see you.”

Yet by the end of “Adult Content,” Richard proves he’s capable of being the sort of person that you wouldn …

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