TV Club: Show Me A Hero: “Parts One and Two”

On one side of the parkway in Yonkers, a single mom and her children take the stairs to their apartment because the building dealer’s doing business in the elevator. Doreen and Skip are expecting their first child, and Skip—an under-treated asthmatic—is desperate for enough money to attend school. On the other side, at a Yonkers City Council meeting, concerned citizens have come to speak up for their neighborhoods by shouting down the new mayor. The threat: two hundred units of low-income housing that will integrate their neighborhoods with these unwanted. A man grabs the mic for an impassioned plea: “We’re not prejudiced, we just object – “

Early reviews have suggested that one of the successes of Show Me A Hero is how dramatic it manages to make a story of housing regulation—with the implication that such things are inherently dull. That seems a slightly breezy read …

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