TV Club: Show Me A Hero: Parts Five and Six

The first two acts of Show Me A Hero have skillfully built an intertwined story in which very few of the characters from the narrative divide of City Hall and Public Housing actually intertwine. (Nick and Doreen had a near miss in the first installment and this installment suggests another, but they’re two leading figures who never exchange a word of dialogue.) Part of that is the sense of capricious, vicious history that David Simon, William Zorzi, and Paul Haggis are trying to reconstruct: Everyone is the center of their own story, and Doreen and Nick’s arcs meet only at the edges. In fact, Doreen proves herself far more invested in community affairs than Nick; Nick sinks into the politics and never comes out. It’s Mary, already bridging the divide by being Average Citizen, who comes closest to standing in the middle. But otherwise, the troubles of …

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