TV Club: Show Me A Hero: “Parts 3 & 4”

One of the most central scenes in this installment is a relatively uneventful one, with planner Oscar Newman sitting in for a site discussion with Judge Sand and advocates so exasperated with the entire thing that they’re essentially on the same team. To the surprise of no one, Yonkers can’t decide on something: this time, a replacement site for the houses that were going to be hosted by the Diocese before the congregation began to vote with their wallets. Sand selects a location offhand, and Newman puts his foot down: too crowded for townhouses.

And townhouses, it turns out, are essential. Newman explains, with the blend of cynicism and optimism of a forward-thinker who’s survived red tape this long: Issues in the public housing high-rises begin with the nebulous spaces for which there’s no easy-pinpointed responsibility. People will fight to defend what’s theirs, but without …

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