TV Club: Shinwell goes through the ringer on an uneven Elementary

“On paper, you’re utterly disposable.”

It’s been illuminating to see what Elementary‘s fifth season has done with Shinwell Johnson. His attempts to keep on the straight and narrow have presented Joan with opportunities for soul-searching (only some of which she’s taken), presented Sherlock with opportunities to act superior (almost all of which he’s taken), and presented the show with a satellite for the unspoken frustrations of their partnership. What it hasn’t done is given us much from Shinwell’s point of view. Nelsan Ellis is doing fantastic work, so we care about Shinwell as much as his screen time allows, but aside from a few scenes designed to make us wonder what’s building in the background, we’ve been kept on the sidelines right next to Joan and Sherlock, waiting for the fallout.

“It Serves You Right To Suffer” is seemingly the moment …

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