TV Club: Sheldon opens up on The Big Bang Theory, and it’s because of the Beach Boys

I have to say that despite not immensely enjoying really any episode of The Big Bang Theory so far this season, I have been admiring its long game. For a show that’s always been about immediate conflict and payoff, it’s been handling the breakup (and eventual reunion) of Sheldon and Amy with remarkable patience. The episode-to-episode issues remain intact tonight, as every storyline outside of the Amy and Sheldon A-plot feels like filler, and unfunny filler at that. Again though, as has happened many times this season, the quietly touching and contemplative story of Sheldon and Amy’s romance provides a welcome bit of humanity to an otherwise uninspired episode.

Things do get off to a rocky start though, as Sheldon is awake in the middle of the night because he has a song stuck in his head. It’s completely messed with his schedule and, because this …

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