TV Club: Sheldon and Amy go all the way in a charming, sweet The Big Bang Theory

At first glance, and with enough cynicism, it’s easy to see The Big Bang Theory‘s use of its Star Wars: The Force Awakens tie-in episode as the one where Sheldon and Amy finally have sex as a cheap bit of marketing, or perhaps even worse, as a moment of contrived conflict. After all, it’s just so obvious to have Sheldon finally get to a place where he wants to be physical with Amy, only to have that comfort come at the same time the new Star Wars film comes out. On the surface, the whole situation seems like a rote path to easy punchlines, with Sheldon torn between his two true loves. Remarkably though, “The Opening Night Excitation” doesn’t go that route. Instead, that surface observation fades and reveals a deeper connection.

Backing up though, “The Opening Night Excitation” boasts a rather simple setup compared to …

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