TV Club: Shameless: “Uncle Carl”

“Uncle Carl” is the Shameless episode I’ve been waiting for all season, the one in which the many narrow tributaries start combining and every plot development begins to feel consequential. The building of momentum is a slow-going process for Shameless every season, and quite often even the goofiest storylines are part of a larger plan that doesn’t make any sense until it does. A classic example is season four’s budding romance between Sheila and Roger Running Tree, which initially just seemed like the latest wacky solution to keep Sheila busy, but wound up being the catalyst for Frank’s diagnosis. It has taken even longer for the writers to get their dominoes lined up in season five, but “Uncle Carl” feels like the first one tipping over, which is a good place to be heading into the season’s final third.

As is always the case with …

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