TV Club: Shameless: “The Two Lisas”

Shameless has so many characters that even those you care about most have moments when they feel superfluous. I was shocked last year when Ian’s absence early in the season went over so smoothly. And when the most prominent characters can disappear for episodes at a time, the less essential characters feel especially unnecessary. “The Two Lisas” works towards pruning the Shameless family tree, which is a good move for the show’s overall health.

Joan Cusack’s Sheila has been the pure, unsullied heart of Shameless, a role she has shared with Debbie since the show began. It was initially unclear how Sheila would continue as a character if her agoraphobia prevented her from interacting with the rest of the southside universe. Though that aspect of the character seemed gimmicky, Cusack killed in the performance, and did her best work on the show during Sheila’s winning battle …

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