TV Club: Shameless: “South Side Rules”

The final scene of “South Side Rules” could be the best, most succinct thematic encapsulation of Shameless as there’s been on the show. Ian and Mickey come tumbling down the street, bruised, bloodied, and drunk, howling “Love Is A Battlefield” like two strangers who let a karaoke battle get way out of hand, but made peace andwill become best friends for life. Theirs is a literal interpretation of Pat Benatar’s hit. Ian goads Mickey into a fight by needling him about softening up in response to his condition. They whale on each other, roll around for a while, then have some beers and get loose like old times. Upon their return to Gallagher Manor, where they’ve stopped to clean up before their first proper dinner-date, Sammi is waiting with her own interpretation of the song. Sammi tells Ian he’s a good kid with a big heart …

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