TV Club: Shameless: “Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)“

“Could I possibly be doing a worse job of raising these kids?” That line, as spoken by Fiona Gallagher, is the weirdest line of the fifth season finale of Shameless, which speaks to how dramatically the show has changed since its inception.

There was a time when that line would have been weird for a different reason, the reason being that Fiona was doing a pretty phenomenal job of raising the Gallagher gaggle given the dire, desperate circumstances. After a season in which Fiona hasn’t spent a lot of time at Gallagher Manor—being the fulcrum of a love parallelogram leaves little spare time—it’s jarring to hear her talking about the struggles of raising the kids when Shameless hasn’t been about the maternal Fiona in a good while. Once Liam overdosed, Fiona lost credibility that she’s never been able to fully regain. She was essentially …

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