TV Club: Shameless: “I’m The Liver”

“I’m The Liver” is a less-than-perfect Shameless episode in the way Shameless episodes are most often less-than-perfect, a result of the show seeming to always know exactly what to do with Fiona all the time, and having a more tenuous grasp on what to do with all of its other characters. That isn’t to say the writers actually don’t know what to do with the characters, and it’s always impressive how they manage to keep so many characters occupied at one time, even while keeping a tight focus on Fiona. But this early on in any season of Shameless, there’s not enough meat on the bones to feel engaged in anything going on with the supporting characters. “I’m The Liver” fits into the broader Shameless tradition of starting with a few episodes that shuffle along fine enough before the season starts really paying off …

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