TV Club: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: “Take My Picture By The Pool”

Have you ever fallen asleep while binge-watching a series on Netflix? Episode after episode cycles on by without pause as you’re knocked out cold on the couch atop the clicker and a bag of chips. Hours later, you wake up to the series’ menu with suggestions of what to watch next that are so far off base you can’t help but wince in your dazed stupor. Because it’s Saturday in this hypothetical situation, you remain intent in watching and clumsily try to remember what episode you left off at, only to stumble two chapters ahead in which Character A hates Character B and Character C has now been written as the nemesis of Character D. Soon enough, you realize things aren’t where they’re supposed to be, click back a couple episodes, and once again find solace in the lofty comforts of a structured narrative. That …

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