TV Club: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: “Lust for Life”

Everyone’s afraid of something. Even someone as mean, cynical, and leathered as Denis Leary’s Johnny Rock. “Lust for Life” hints at the guy’s inherent terrors by tipping off the episode with a simple question asked by his equally hard-boiled daughter, Gigi: “Do you love me, Dad?” Well, it should be a simple question, but Johnny’s not that easy, so he stumbles a bit, twitching his eyes and words, before Gigi calls his bluff. “Wow, okay … you don’t love me,” she scoffs, attempting to keep her cool. The truth is that the two know there’s a connection, they’re just concerned it’s misguided. Rather, they love the idea of such a relationship, as Johnny suggests, and that predicament is what could (and should) drive Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, at least for awhile.

For two episodes, we’ve watched Johnny, Gigi, and …

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