TV Club: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: “Don’t Wanna Die Anonymous”

There’s the old adage that “rock ‘n’ roll never dies,” a cliché that’s arguably hard to dismiss considering that six-string veterans from The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney to Foo Fighters and Metallica continue to headline the world’s biggest music festivals year after year. Yet given today’s staggering poptimist culture, one which actually still purchases records by the millions for the likes of Taylor Swift or Katy Perry or Ed Sheeran, it’s probably best to say that rock ‘n’ roll survives. And survival is what fuels Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, the latest comedy series to sputter outta the mind of Denis Leary.

The manic comic plays Johnny Rock, the former lead singer of The Heathens, a sleazy New York outfit (think: The New York Dolls meets The Jam) that called it quits shortly after releasing their glorious debut album in the early …

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