TV Club: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: “Doctor Doctor”

Therapy itself is a kind of drug: Someone (preferably intelligent and insightful) spends an allotted amount of time listening to nothing but your problems and issues, and offers their own two cents, which you can then either take to heart, toss in the trash, or spit right back at them. For The Heathens, said person is the eternally underrated Griffin Dunne, who becomes as frustrated with Johnny Rock and the gang as we should be with Denis Leary’s rocky-as-hell series.

For weeks, many of you readers have emphasized that Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll suffers from its half-hour format, failing to offer any substance or meditative drama in the wake of its ribald and vitriolic humor. You’re not wrong: What this show continues to lack is any depth, which couldn’t be more obvious in an episode like “Doctor Doctor”, where we spend a little over …

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