TV Club: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: “Clean Rockin’ Daddy”

Asking musicians about their process or how they write songs is typically frowned upon by music journalists everywhere. But let’s say you did: Odds are they would likely give you a confused, short answer or a long-winded, somewhat fractured account of what they do on any given night they pick up a guitar, or sit down at a piano, or listen to their mind as they stare at a blank wall like this with a pen and a paper. Whatever their answer may be, it’s likely a snoozefest and hardly revelatory. Then again, you could be talking to someone like Lionel Richie, whose personal breakdown of “Three Times a Lady” feels as elegant as the song itself. There are exceptions.

“Clean Rockin’ Daddy” manages to find one. As Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll keeps strumming along in its second episode, Denis Leary’s comedy series navigates …

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