TV Club: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: “Because We’re Legion”

Before The Heathens record their next surefire hit, “Complicated”, Greg Dulli’s “favorite alt-rock studio guru” J.P. (Rob Morrow) surreptitiously drops little secrets in the ears of each member. “Gigi so knows about you and Ava,” he tells Flash. “Johnny thinks your weight’s making you a weak leak,” he burns Bam Bam. “You are so beautiful,” he leers at Ava, before adding: “Gigi knows about you and Flash.” Through puffs of smoke, he materializes in front of Rehab and fibs, “Johnny thinks you’re a better bass player than John Entwistle ever was.” Finally, he sits down next to Gigi at the piano, and whispers: “Your dad wrote this song about your feelings toward him, Flash wrote it with you in mind, and also, I’m pretty sure Flash slept with Ava.” These lies and half-truths are intended to motivate the band to be their best on tape …

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