TV Club: Several returning faces show how much FOTB has grown

Early on in “Huangsgiving,” it’s revealed that the Huangs are having several characters from Fresh Off The Boat‘s lesser (though still pretty good) first season over for dinner. And while I was excited to hear that Jessica’s competitive sister Connie and her husband Steve were on the guest list for the holiday, I wasn’t too thrilled that her college fling Oscar Chow would be in attendance as well. Last time we saw him, FOTB‘s writers went to great lengths to portray him as the kind of funny gay friend that seemed to be a trademark of so many sitcoms in the ‘90s, a guy who spent most of his visit prancing around in a pink bathrobe while singing Disney showtunes. I commended the show for the Huangs’ positive relationship with Oscar and his lack of resentment towards their marriage (it was revealed he actually had …

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