TV Club: Selfie: “I Woke Up Like This”

This is the second time we’ve had to say goodbye to an Emily Kapnek comedy this year, and on the basis of Suburgatory and Selfie I look forward to saying goodbye to several more in the coming years. Warped by abandonment and isolation, Kapnek’s heroines and heroes draw from real and repressed traumas, exaggerating the everyday. Her dialogue is music rather than machine gun, and her art direction is a runway show. Individual plots might settle, but the overall series are some of the best on the broadcast networks (slash Hulu), and I’m happy to see the A.V. Club readers agree (in the sense that Suburgatory and Selfie were in the top five most painful cancellations of the year). The biggest trend in comedy these days is drama, by which I mean pathos and more pathos with pathos on top, and Kapnek is one of the …

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