TV Club: Secrets are revealed and Barry pays the price on an emotional episode of The Flash

The threads of a scattershot season are woven together in emotionally satisfying fashion in “Killer Frost,” an episode that finally sees Barry Allen called out for his selfish actions while also allowing him a measure of redemption for them. The hour opens exactly where we left off, with Wally encased in a cocoon and Barry in the clutches of self-proclaimed god of speed Savitar. Once again our hero finds himself pitted against a big bad speedster faster than himself, although Savitar has the additional advantage of being invisible to seemingly everyone except Barry. It takes the combined powers of Caitlin and Cisco to zap Savitar into another dimension, at least temporarily.

It’s Caitlin’s continued use of her powers that gives the episode its title. Everything is pointing to Killer Frost as a destiny she can’t escape, from her mother’s warning to her Earth-2 doppelgänger to the …

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