TV Club: Search Party’s finale is a one-two punch of devastation

Password To The Shadows

The Search Party finally comes to an end—and in Montreal, the better to demonstrate just how far Dory’s come from that moment on the sidewalk in Brooklyn. When she stopped to assess Chantal’s missing persons poster in the premiere, she was standing in shit, an apt metaphor for how her life was going up until that point. That might be just a teeny bit extreme, though, since Dory’s biggest problem at the time was a lack of purpose. Really, it’s a luxury to allow an existential quandary to consume your life with no real concern for how you will be able to continue to live your life, i.e., pay bills and rent, even as you try to figure out what’s making it worth living. But, setting aside the fact that no one worries about money until they need to …

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